Confucius (Kongzi) coloring page

Confucius, aka Kongzi (551 - 479 BCE) was a Chinese philosopher and teacher who is arguably the most influential Chinese thinker ever. Confucius' influence in Chinese history is often compared with that of Socrates in the West.
Confucian philosophy emphasized loving others through the practice of the Golden Rule, which calls for not doing to others what you do not wish for yourself. In this respect, Confucius supported the idea of worshiping ancestors, respecting elders by their children and practicing altruism for social cohesion. Confucius puts also the greatest emphasis on self-cultivation and sincerity that make the person virtuous. Other virtues described in Confucianism are seriousness, generosity, diligence and kindness. As for the political thought, Confucius believed that if a ruler is a virtuous person, government cannot be bad. In particular, if the ruler govern his subjects by his own example, treat them with love and concern, he spreads his own virtues to the people making them good.

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