Statue of Socrates in Athens (Greece) coloring page

Philosophy starts with Socrates, a Greek philosopher (469 - 399 B.C.E.), who is committed to self-examination and examination of others. According to Socrates, if you are a philosopher, then you do not have wisdom. You are between ignorance and wisdom; you are a lover of wisdom. You are not arrogant, because you are not content with yourself, and you know that you do not know. On the other hand, you are not wise, since you investigate wisdom. As philosopher, you are aware of human limitation, which is the limitation of knowledge. Your activity may lead to hostility from the public, since humans tend to believe that they are wise, while they are not. Humans want to be experts in something and have some knowledge. They do not want to recognize that human knowledge is knowledge in its own limits. This is the reason why philosopher is special, for he/she systematically examines and investigates the limits of human knowledge. Philosopher thereby makes a revolution in the orientation of wisdom.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Philosopher
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This artwork and text were released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License by Ivan Podornikov, M.A. in Philosophy, Concordia Montreal / Paris-Sorbonne University

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