How to draw a cartoon bull

Step 1

Mark off the width and height of the bull. Draw guidelines for its body, neck and head.

Step 2

Draw circles for the chest and hips.

Step 3

Define with circles the neck, back and rump.

Step 4

Add guidelines for the bull's limbs.

Step 5

Draw semicircles for the horns and tail.

Step 6

Finish with the tail. Show the shapes of the body and joints.

Step 7

Contour the bull, taking into account the shapes you have already drawn.

Step 8

Add the limbs, tail, horns and ears. Draw some lines to detail the shape of the body and the head.

Step 9

Finish the contouring by adding an eye and a ring.

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how to draw cartoon bull step by step, how to draw cartoon bull

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