How to draw a Genie

Step 0
Step 1

Make an enough space in the paper where you can sketch the Genie’s silhouette with the corresponding dots. Mark the head and torso position of your Genie and start sketching the lamp. Mark the location of your lamp’s spout and handle.

Step 2

Next, draw a symmetrical line on the Genie’s face to divide it into 2 parts (left and right). Also start drawing the hair and tail of your Genie.

Step 3

Now start working on the Genie’s face. Draw the eyebrows, eyes, nose and the cheeks. Start sketching Genie’s shoulders.

Step 4

Continue working on the character’s face. Start drawing the ears, mouth and beard of the Genie.

Step 5

Refine Genie’s silhouette and draw his hands carefully. Mark the belt and the hand jewelry position.

Step 6

Contour, trying to vary the thickness and blackness of the line. Erase unnecessary lines and intensify your strokes.strokes. Hurray! Your Genie is ready.

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