How to draw a London taxi cab

Step 1

Mark off the width and height of the London taxi cab. Define its proportions. Draw ovals that will become wheels.

Step 2

With straight and smooth lines, mark the general shape of the front part and the windscreen.

Step 3

Outline the trunk, the right side and the grilles of the cab.

Step 4

Add ovals for lights. From one of the lights draw a curved line to the rear part of the cab.

Step 5

Draw additional lines to specify the body shape.

Step 6

Outline the wheel covers. Work on adding new parts and components such as windows, the windscreen and doors.

Step 7

Add more lines to illustrate the shape, outline the lights, a face bar and a number plate.

Step 8

Define the places for new parts and components.

Step 9

Contour; add more details. Delineate trees and houses.

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how to draw a taxicab step by step, how to draw a london taxi step by step
Lena London
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