How to draw Jake from Jake and Neverland pirates

Step 1

Mark off the width and height of the picture. Draw an oval that will provide the basic shape for Jack’s head.Draw a line through the center of the oval and extend it to show the height of his body.

Step 2

Define an ear, the chin and an unbuttoned jacket.

Step 3

Add lines for Jack’s headband, collar and edge.

Step 4

Draw lines to show the headband ends, sleeves and trousers.

Step 5

Outline the shapes of the headband ends and trousers. Define the places for the eyes and arms.

Step 6

Delineate the hand and arm shapes, the hair and the tops of boots.

Step 7

Draw the boots and a sword. Add more details: eyebrows, nose, mouth, hair, and clothes.

Step 8

Work on adding more details.

Step 9

Contour Jack from Neverland Pirates, adding details. Delineate the ground.

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how to draw jake the pirate
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