How to draw Yoda with lightsaber

Step 1

Mark off the width and height of the picture. Define Yoda’s general proportions. Draw guidelines for his head, body and lightsaber.

Step 2

Draw Yoda’s neck, cloak and handle of his lightsaber.

Step 3

Add guidelines for Yoda’s arms, hands, feet and facial features.

Step 4

Sketch the character’s nose, ears, hands and feet.

Step 5

Delineate the toes and fingers, sleeves, eyebrows and eyes. Add the shape of the hair.

Step 6

Detail the shapes of Yoda’s head, hand and lightsaber. Draw his cloak.

Step 7

Work on the figure, paying special attention to detail.

Step 8

Contour Yoda, trying to vary the thickness and darkness of the line. Add more detail. Add the ground. Erase all guidelines.

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Lena London

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