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  • Wandy

    i love these pictures , i would like to print them off, for me and my grandkids to color, may i? thank you.

  • Kate

    sure You may, this is all done for You and your grandkids. Thanks for using our site.

  • Samantha Berry

    I like your site.I like your pictures I print them out and color them and then I frame them.Keep up the good work.

  • Dove

    Your super coloring pages are a great idea and saves time and money, it is set up very well with all the categories, probably lots of people use it but don’t comment, well I had to comment – THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT THAT WENT INTO THIS WEBSITE. GOD BLESS

  • Trevor

    The pictures under “Chimpanzee” are not actually chimps, many are monkeys and simangs, it appears. The ones at the bottom of the page are in fact Chimps, though!

    Chimpanzees are not Monkeys; Chimps lack the prehensile (gripping) tail and many other monkey features! Humans and chimps share most of our anatomical features, obviously given our evolutionary history.

    great pics, though!

  • Kate

    Thanks for your advice and notice. We will consider it and fix the mistake. Thank you for using our site, we are glad you like it.

  • Peggy

    I LOVE this website!!! I have spent hours searching the Web for just the right coloring pics for my 5 year old. His motto is “it has to look real” so it is sometimes very hard to find just the right picture. This website has everything catagorized so it’s easy to find the perfect coloring pic!!! Thank you for saving me LOADS of time!!!!

  • admin

    Peggy, Thank you very much for such a warm comment on our site. We are happy to help you and your kids, glad that you got to save some time. The most important for us is your opinion. So you are mostly welcome!

  • Patricia Cathcart

    I love this site and I have faved it. I love the Old Portraits

  • Emily

    This website is really really good! It has everything that i would want to colour and i use it a lot! Thank you. It’s amazing

  • Lafonda

    hey well i love this website it its really cool

  • Abi Aditt

    It’s excellent, I never imagined would find a website that provides a medium for the coloring for my children. Once I take my kids to see the pictures that exist, especially the pictures of animals and cartoon characters, they immediately asked me to print it out and they immediately stain it. They are very creative in terms of coloring. Truly remarkable idea, something simple to something very big and expensive, imagination and creativity. Thank you very much, Kate.

  • bedman

    I love you, guys

  • admin

    We love you too, people!

  • Abhay

    you are simply amazing!! lovely work. :) cheers!

  • sarah

    Thank you for your coloring pictures. It indeed helps me a lot. But the pictures are not enough, such as no ax pictures. so i truely hope you can improve it. thank you

  • MizDenise

    Is it ok to print and color these images and use them on cards I make to send to charity? (I make blank cards for troops stationed overseas to use to write home to their loved ones.) I do not sell or make any money from my card-making; crafting provides relief from constant pain and many health issues and I have a limited budget, but love to serve!

  • Kirsten

    Your “New Hampshire in a Hat” is actually the state of New Mexico. Just FYI

  • Angelina & Mom

    We really love this website and the person who coordinate this. We enjoy coloring a lot and so we are very grateful for this. Thank you

  • admin

    For charity no problem!

  • admin

    Thank you very much. We fixed it.

  • suzanne

    i love this website, the drawings excellent and colouring is my passion. thank you for sharing your work.

  • s

    your website is marvellous, thanks

  • Madeleine van Eeden

    Thank you, a whole new world has opened for me. I am an occupatinal therapist. I work with kids going to school in English.
    Though there home language is not English, they take it as home language at school. I start with them in pre-school, but also do remedial from Gr 1 to Gr 3. I work through pictures and are always looking for pictures that are appealing for this age group.
    Thank you for sharing these pictures with the whole world!

  • LadyJane

    Great pictures. The saving option, however, just hangs and doesn’t work. Would love to be able to save these online as we don’t have a printer. My son loves coloring these and really wishes to show them off to his grandma.

  • painter

    LadyJane, thank you for your comment. Online coloring is still under development. I hope we will fix this bug soon!

  • Rufus

    Greetings, like the pictures but can I point out that your Japanese pagoda and Japanese fan actually both say they are Chinese (the five people of China?).


  • Angelica

    Hi, I found your site while searching some reff pics to use for a drawing. I loved what I was seeing so I bookmarked your site then found a lovely pic, saved it to my pc and went to upload it to my gimp to color but it was not in my list/folder where I put it. Thinking that I saved it wrong I went back to save again. But I had done it correctly. So I searched for the pic in my files and when I went to open it it said my windows will not show it. I have vista. Might you know how I could get it to work? Thank you

  • Nadine

    Great pictures, I use them for my work with special need individuals. I wish u could have a way to search for particular pics though, instead of having to look through so many pages. That would make this the best collection site. Thanks to consider organizing them. ND

  • admin

    Hello Nadine, do you see a search box at the top-left corner of the page? This is what you need in searching for particular pics.

  • Maria Alcarese

    Unable to use your site because of the intrusive advertisements.
    Hoping for better results in the future.

  • Yamp

    Thank you for this site. It’s a great colection of high quality pics. I’ve found a lot of image here that are worth printing and colour with kids. :)