Set of Graphic Style Fonts for Logo Vector

Remember to set your AI prefs to "Scale Strokes & Effects" and "Transform Pattern Tiles" so that you can use these styles at whatever size you require.

1. Style: Season's Greetings, Font: Kabriolet 2. Style: Jaffa Cakes, Font: A&S Jiggy Roman 3. Style: Wood Veneer, Font: Chrome Yellow 4. Style: Woodcut, Font: Stahis Tiffany 2000 5. Style: Turkish Delight, Font Harbell 6. Style: Heroes Warp, Font: Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed 7. Style: Sail Boat, Font: A&S Snapper Script 8. Style: Banknote, Font: Engravers LT Std Bold Face 9. Style: Gunslinger, Font: Zebrawood 10. Style: Green Man, Font BernardGotURWTextHea 11. Style: Blue Smoke, Font: Ministry Script 12. Style: Vespa Scoota, Font: Sinaloa 13. Style: Stone Shaded, Font: Grapefruit ITC 14. Style: VeryMetal, Font: File 15. Style: Hot Rod, Font: Nitro DNA.

Set of Whacky Graphic Styles for Logo Template Vector
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