St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Time to wear a shamrock, go green, get jiggy and groove all the way! Make this St. Patrick’s Day very special for yourself.Get woderful St. Patrick coloring pages for free here and paint the world green with your friends! The patron saint of Ireland and the Irish was born about 385 A.D. in Northern Wales. He studied religion in Europe to become a priest and bishop. He then brought Christianity to the Irish by teaching in Ireland for 29 years. He died on March 17, 461 AD.The anniversary of his death is celebrated as Saint Patrick’s Day. Today St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by the Irish as well as many people all over the world with parades, parties, wearing of green, Irish songs and jigs. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Each of our children and us are waiting for Easter Day to enter our houses and hearts. During the time that we are getting ready to celebrate this great holiday, we need to make sure our kids understand what does really Easter Day means. Easter isn’t only about painting eggs and singing songs, its something much more deeper. Resurrection Day is a start of new life and new feelings; Easter Day is about forgiveness and kindness.

Celebrate this great Day with your family, tell the story of Jesus Christ to your children, they need to know that life troubles are waiting for them ahead, and they have to be strong just like Jesus Christ was. This holiday will bring joy and strength in the hearts of your children.

Get ready for the holiday with a great selection of Easter coloring pages: Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and chicks, Easter baskets, Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, Resurrection of Jesus.

Oh.. Do you hear that? Easter bunnies are singing the song! Hurry up, Easter is coming!