Bears coloring pages

Bears are a group of large mammals found all over the world in many different habitats. There are 8 living bear species: American black bear, Asian black bear, Brown bear, Polar bear, Sloth bear, Sun bear, Spectacled bear, and Giant panda.

The Brown bear is commonly called the Grizzly bear in North America. Sometimes the term 'bear' is used for Koala and Wombat from Australia but it's not correct because they belong to marsupials, which is different animal group. Some scientist argue that Giant panda shouldn't be consider a bear. At the same time all scientist agree that Red panda is obviously not a bear even so it looks very cute and fluffy.

Bears are mostly active at night, except for the Polar Bear. Some bears hibernate, that means they sleep during the winter to save energy. Bears are usually omnivorous, which means that they eat plants and meat. Most bear species eat berries, grass, and fish. An exception is the polar bear, which eats mostly meat. Bears usually live alone, except when they are mating season or if they have cubs. The mother raises the cubs for a few years and protect her young, even at the cost of her life.

Bears are very popular in pop culture with several high profile characters and stories with depictions of bears e.g. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Berenstain Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Bear, Baloo, and panda Po.