How to draw a cartoon camel

Step 1

With the help of circles and lines, draw the general shape of the camel. It has long legs, a big body, a long neck and head. Try to use only smooth lines for the animal to be more realistic.

Step 2

Draw egg-like ovals for humps. Outline the neck and long jaws. Add an eye and an ear.

Step 3

Draw more carefully the eye and the ear. Outline the head with all of its features. Add the lips, which are big and very natural for a camel. The top part of the muzzle has a specific curve.

Step 4

Finish with the muzzle, and proceed to the mane. Define its general shape.

Step 5

Draw the fur, directing it from the top to the bottom of the head. Contour the camel’s body, and its thighs.

Step 6

Work on the shape of the body. Pay attention tot the fact that the belly is fluffy and sphere-like. The thighs are close to the body. There is mane on the humps, so outline it.

Step 7

When you draw the fur, draw the lock ends hanging down. After you add the thigh, with smooth lines, show its meagerness.

Step 8

Drawing the upper part of the leg, add some lower mane. Proceed to work on the next part of the leg by adding big joints.

Step 9

Outline long fur above the hooves. Delineate the hoofs with toes.

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how to draw cartoon camel step by step, how to draw  a camel

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