When printing you can try choosing landscape layout for better placement on A4 paper

Step 1

Draw two ovals for the head and a body of the hamster. Imagine its pose. Add guidelines for the figure.

Step 2

Define the places for eyes inside the upper circle. For this, use the guideline and draw two overlapping ovals. Add pupils beforehand to show the gaze direction. If you decide to create a character for a network, then a hamster is desirable.

Step 3

Before you start drawing the eyes, outline shapes of the snout and nose. For this, add overlapping ovals for the snout and the nose of the hamster. Pay attention to the guidelines; do not draw facial features too far from them.

Step 4

Add more lines to show the shape of the nose and the snout of the hamster. Place a line for a mouth. Draw the eyes, paying attention to their location (one of them is closer to us, so it should be bigger and cover over the second one). Add some flecks to make the eyes expressive. Outline the teeth, taking into account the perspective.

Step 5

The main attributes of the hamster are his cheeks. Delineate two circles (the closer is bigger). Add two petal-like shapes on these circles.

Step 6

Detail the cheeks. Sketch fur and a lower jaw. On the top of the head, define ears. To add the individuality to the hamster, draw a fringe.

Step 7

Outline the ears: the front one will cover over the head, and the second will be hidden by the head. According to the guidelines, define the places for the legs and forelegs of the hamster.

Step 8

The legs and the feet should not be big. Pay attention to the details. Draw three toes on each foot. Add a smooth line to show that the body is not flat. According to this, outline a fur pattern. You may try to create a hamster in different positions using these simple steps.