How to draw a cartoon lion

Step 1

When you create a lion, remember, that it is a big cat, so it should be graceful and grave. For this, choose a suitable pose. Mark with circles the body parts; add guidelines for the legs.

Step 2

To delineate a snout and a nose, draw ovals, defining their locations.

Step 3

Taking into account the circles, draw the nose and mouth. Use a triangle as the base for these body parts of the lion.

Step 4

Add more lines to show the mouth and the nose, and add whiskers. A healthy lion always has great whiskers. Proceed to drawing the eyes, defining them with small circles.

Step 5

While detailing the lion’s eyes, with the pupils, mark its gaze direction. Draw the general shape of the mane.

Step 6

Work on the lion’s mane, trying to make it asymmetric, with locks of different lengths. Then outline the second part of the mane, its color, which will make the lion special. Add lines to show the shapes of the legs, chest, belly and the back. Drawing legs, try to think about them as if they were cylinders.

Step 7

Delineate the mane, using the same principle as the one mentioned above. When you finish with the lion’s legs, draw the feet, paying attention to every toe. Add a tail with its hair tuft.

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