How to draw a cartoon polar bear on ice

Step 1

General skecth. Start by drawing: some curved cylinder representing the body of the polar bear and its legs, two small sphere representing head, draw two large ovals representing the ice

Step 2

Floating iceberg. Narrow contours of the ice. Draw water reflections (in parallel with the low end of the ice).

Step 3

Drawing polar bear body. Draw the body and face of the bear using the oval of the first step.

Step 4

Adding details. Sketch with pencil the drawing and add all other details, as the ice pillows, glasses and juice.

Step 5

Cleaning the drawing. Using a clean pencil eraser, clean unnecessary lines.

Step 6

Polar bear shadows. Add two shadows, one with a wide area and the other darker and very close to the body of the polar bear.

Step 7

Finalization and coloring the drawing. Ink the drawing with pen.

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This artwork is displayed with permission of the author.