4 Sports Contest Board Game


This game is played with 2 or 4 people. At 2, one of the players takes the pedestrian and the knight; and the other the cyclist and the car; at 4, each player takes one of the 4 competitors. In order for the game to be won by one of the players, the competitor he represents arrives first at the goal; the player whose pawn arrives last will be the loser.
At the start of the game, each player places a pawn (small token or button) in the box marked with the name of the competitor he represents (walker, rider, cyclist or automobile); we draw lots to know the order in which we will play.
Once this operation has been completed, each player in turn plays a roll of the dice and advances, in the row of squares specially assigned to his pawn, a number of squares equal to the point marked by the die.
When a player's pawn comes to rest on a green box, he lets play one more move. For each of the other players, when a pawn lands on a red box, he must start the whole game over. It will be easily noticed in the game that the walker has 48 squares to cross, the horseman 32, the cyclist 24, and the automobile 16 only.
Consequently, it is always in this order: car, cyclist, rider and pedestrian, that the competitors would reach the final goal if, to equalize the odds, road accidents were not more and more numerous as the speed decreases. number of squares to cross.
This last combination ensures that all players have an equal chance of reaching the final goal. It is not essential, to reach the goal, to bring a point causing the pawn to fall exactly on the square of the goal; the essential thing is to reach this goal, even if the point brought would make it go beyond.

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