Hare Hunting Board Game

Rules of the game :

Paste these two pages on a strong enough paper (drawing paper for example).
Cut out the pieces following the outlines.
Fold the dotted lines forwards and those marked with a cross (++++) backwards.
Then mount these parts following the order of the numbers (1 sticks over 1', 2 over 2', etc.).

The rabbit goes first and advances the number of points given by the toton in the direction of the arrows. If the hunter overtakes the rabbit, the latter is forced to retreat because he cannot ride the hunter; for this purpose, the rabbit then takes the passage through the box marked with a cross, and goes towards its burrow while the hunter who cannot cross this box continues the normal path.
Hunter and rabbit can move forward or backward: the hunter to take the rabbit, or the rabbit to flee the hunter. The rabbit is killed if the number of points brings the hunter to the square where he is or if the rabbit falls on the hunter's square. On the black squares, the hunter cannot kill the rabbit, he passes his turn and remains in his place.
« Départ » means Start.
Space 1: the hunter has fallen into a ditch, he does not play in the next round and cannot kill the rabbit if it is on this space.
Square 2 and 4: the rabbit is hidden in the grass, there is one turn left without playing.
Space 3: the hunter takes two turns in a row.
ARRIVAL AT THE BURROW: the rabbit must draw the exact number of points to enter it, otherwise it moves back as many squares as there are excess points.

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