Steam Tram Haarlem Alkmaar Board Game


All players pay the same stake. The highest roll determines who plays first.
The one who throws 6 and 3 on the first throw goes to 29 “de Zwarte Os” (Velsen).
Whoever throws 5 and 4 goes to 43, Cigarenmagazijn Gebr. MahoorBeverwijk.
Whoever lands on a Station counts as much further as was thrown.
Whoever lands on the bridge pays a chip, if you pay twice you count to 11.
Whoever comes to 20 (Café Donselaar) pays the bill (the bet) and skips once.
Whoever comes to 39 (Kennemerland office) receives 5 chips but has to wait until someone else relieves him.
The one who comes to 49 (Derailleur change) has to start from the beginning.
Whoever comes to 62 (Cigarenmagazijn P. Blaauw Alkmaar) pays 2 chips and counts down to 57.
Whoever comes over 63 counts back; then arriving at a station, one counts back as much as one has cast eyes.
Whoever comes to 63 wins the pot. The stations are marked in red.
The game is played with two dice.

4 At FLOWER g'u can eisch,
Strengthen for the journey.

5 You have to pay here for the maintenance of the bridge.
If you pay double, then forward, not back.

8 “Memento Mori” sounds to you here,
Keep that in mind in all your ways.

12 Without paying you come by tram or rail
through all Rijksstollen with great decency.

16 Whoever wants to walk in beautiful avenues,
Must go to the “Wise Man”.

20 The best address for “Amstel beer”
Van DONSELAAR, you will find that here.

24 The cozy “Rozenstein” with playground and so on,
is to everyone's taste, is one of a kind.

28 If you come to Velsen by rail, tram or axle, the Hotel “de Prins” will come in handy for everyone.

29 The “Black Ox” of old renowned Is always honored with busy visitors.

32 Every one call early and spa.
At the Remise loud hurrah!

33 The first run-up here in town,
At JAN TER BURG, it is always easy.

36 He who travels must desire “the Sun,”
To stay with or without a pension.

39 The most read, best known newspaper
Appears here for all of Ken'merland.

43 By four and by five only with MAJOR
Are the cigars the best, I assure you.

44 The “Friendship” is my best friend,
Known to citizens, farmers and children.

48 BAREND DE ROODE Station Heemskerk,
Must get everyone inside before the Bus leaves.

49 Who derails on life's track
Start like this from the beginning.

52 't Lieflijk Castricum offers every passenger
A moment of pleasure in van BENTHEM's Cafe.

56 KIEFT in Limmen that speaks like a book
Is calculated for busy and frequent visitors.

60 In Alkmaar's Buitenplaats: Heilo as you know,
Is STOKER ready to receive a large audience?

62 Stop ! honor we walk into Alkmaar
Buy cigars at BLAAUW first.

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