Three Ways Puzzle Board Game

Rules of the game :

Mathieu, Baptiste and Annette go home, using the routes shown here. These roads are divided by markers placed one hundred meters apart. Each of them is loaded with a basket of apples.
Mathieu in his basket has 116 apples, Baptiste has 119 and Annette has 115. Now, in each interval of one hundred meters, each of them, without realizing it, drops an apple, but if one of the others comes behind him on a certain portion of the path, he picks up the fallen apples that he comes across.
All three leave at the same time, they walk at exactly the same speed. For some reason they don't necessarily get home by the shortest route, so as we said some stretches of road can be traveled by two of them, the second to arrive picking up then the apples fallen from the basket of the other who preceded him.
Under these conditions, it turns out that when they arrived home, all three had exactly the same number of apples, each one hundred. What paths did they travel?
P. S.: There is no need to take into account the letters written next to the paths and which are only there to designate these paths in the solution.

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