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Some of the images on SUPERCOLORING.COM are available under public copyright licenses:

  • the images that are licensed under Creative Commons license by Supercoloring or other Authors - Link
  • the images that are licensed under Creative Commons Non-Commercial license by Supercoloring's Authors - Link
  • the images that are in the public domain - Link

The rest of licensed images on SUPERCOLORING.COM are subject to copyright protection.

Prohibited uses of the copyrighted images. You may NOT:

  • Download the Licensed Material except in cases of personal use.
  • Sublicense, distribute, transfer or assign rights to the Image(s).
  • Reverse engineer, decompile, translate, or disassemble any part of the Image(s).
  • Remove any copyright, trademark or watermark from any place where it appears on the Image(s).
  • Display the Image(s) in any digital format or for any digital use at a resolution greater than 72 dpi, except in editorial or preliminary design work. Doing so will be viewed as an attempt to distribute the Image(s) in violation of this Agreement.
  • Use the Image(s), or any part of the Image(s), as part of a trademark, service mark, or logo. SUPERCOLORING.COM or its licensors retain the full rights to the Image(s), and therefore you cannot establish your own rights.
  • Use the Image(s) to compete with SUPERCOLORING.COM.
  • Use the Image(s) in a product or service whereby the Image(s) can be used apart from a product or service.
  • Use the Images(s) as part of a product in any electronic format intended for multiple distribution or licensing including, without limitation, templates, Web site templates, software products, including computer and/or video games and game consoles, e-greetings, etc.
  • Use the Image(s), or resell the Image(s) for use, in mobile or wireless devices, including but not limited to mobile telephones, handheld game consoles, and PDAs. Such usage is subject to additional licensing fees.
  • Use the Image(s) in any way that could be considered defamatory, pornographic, libelous, immoral, obscene or fraudulent, or illegal, either by making physical changes to it, in the juxtaposition to accompanying text or images, or otherwise.
  • Without advance written consent from SUPERCOLORING.COM and any model in such Image(s), use Image(s) that include people as part of any sensitive subject matters, as determined by SUPERCOLORING.COM. Use the Image(s) beyond any limitations or restrictions noted on a SUPERCOLORING.COM

All trademarks and characters in the categories/subcategories “Cartoons”, "Anime & Manga", "Sport", "Transport", "Stories & Tales" and others on SUPERCOLORING.COM are the property of their  respective owners and we do not claim for their rights.

SUPERCOLORING.COM respects the intellectual property of others.

If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement please contact us using form in the menu below and we remove it immediately from our web-site and inform about this issue to our licensors

You are welcome to link to any of the pages on the site e.g.  www.supercoloring.com/pages/baby-crocodile/ but we do not welcome direct link to images e.g. www.supercoloring.com/sites/default/files/styles/coloring_full/public/cif/2008/11/baby-crocodile-coloring-page.gif